Immersions in African wilderness and urban environments that reactivate sensing, intuition and instinct.


Essential human capacities

Sensing, intuition and instinct are all inherent human capacities. Well-activated, they help us navigate wild and urban ecosystems. These capacities help us actively choose our responses to situations in life. They give us a deep understanding of what it is to be human in relation with all other life. 


This is where we came from

African wilderness areas are unique. These ecosystems and the communities living as a part of them hold knowledge about our relationships with all life that developed since the evolution. By entering these wilderness areas, we can reactivate essential human capacities that we all have latent within us.


A sensing being

Well-activated sensing, intuition and instinct is crucial also for your urban life. By nurturing these capacities developed in wilderness, you will notice yourself attuning to every ecosystem you enter, whether it is urban or wild. This attuning will help you navigate, connect and respond to situations in your contemporary life.